2 years ago

You’re frustrating. She is too, but mostly you.

You talk about me too much to my sister. Why? I thought you were “over it.” If so, don’t speak my name out of your mouth. Don’t talk about me to anyone regardless of if they bring me up first or not. You know I smoke and now my sister probably will, which means my mom will. Fuck.

I hate that they hang out with my sister a lot. I wish they didn’t. It REALLY hurts me. I know you guys talk about me. Plus, my sister’s boyfriend is like, an ass every time he talks to me. She hangs out with you more than she comes and sees her niece. That REALLY rubs me the wrong way.

I want to cut everyone out of Aubree’s life because she doesn’t deserve people like that. I know she’ll get hurt in the future, but it shouldn’t be my family. I want to prevent that. She should be worth more of your time than what she is. It’s fucking sad.

I like talking to my one friend. He texts me a lot and I can talk to him about ANYTHING…and he won’t tell my other friends about it. Yeah, he knows my other friends even though I’ve never met him in real life. Maybe he’s becoming my new guy friend. A different guy other than you. One I can actually depend on that won’t hurt me. Be jealous.

I don’t know. I’m just really sad and I feel alone in the world and I REALLY need a cigarette…